AM12 Sample Reports

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module in AccountMate includes functions that help you create and manage purchase orders, purchase quotes and blanket purchase orders; record and monitor receipt of goods; accrue landed costs; and track other purchases-related transactions. These allow you to have better control and flexibility over your purchasing activities. The reports generated from this module will help you produce documents with relevant data to make you better informed of your purchase transactions.

Below is a list of all reports available in AccountMate 12 for SQL and Express' Purchase Order module. Click on the links to get a closer look of these reports.

Print Purchase Order

Print Purchase Quote

Print Cancelled Received Goods

Purchase Order Reports

  • Purchase Order Summary Report
  • Purchase Order Line Item Report
  • Purchase Order Backorder Report
  • Purchase Order Line Item Status Report
  • Received Goods Report
  • Cancelled Received Goods Report
  • Vendor Performance Analysis Report
  • PO Line Items for AP Matching Report
  • Last Received Cost Report

Blanket Purchase Order Reports

  • Print Blanket Purchase Order
  • Blanket Purchase Order Summary Report
  • Blanket Purchase Order Line Item Report
  • Released Blanket Purchase Order Report
  • Unreleased Blanket Purchase Order Report

Landed Costs Reports

  • Landed Cost Summary Report
  • Landed Cost Accrual Report
  • Landed Cost Item Allocation Report

Vendor Reports

  • Vendor Listing
  • Vendor Credit Limit and Discount Listing
  • Vendor Contact Listing
  • Vendor Additional Address Listing
  • Vendor Factor Listing
  • Vendor GL Accounts Listing
  • Vendor Report E-mail History

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory Item Listing
  • Warehouse Quantity Listing
  • Inventory Cost Listing
  • Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Inventory Reorder Report
  • Purchase Requirement Report

Inventory Type Listing

Inventory Vendor Reports

  • Best Price Report
  • Vendor Price Listing

Revenue Code Listing

Sales Tax Reports

  • Sales Tax Entity Listing
  • Sales Tax Code Listing

Pay Code Listing

System Remark Listing

Bank Account Listing

Currency Code Listing

Activity Reports

  • Activity Type and Rights Listing
  • Vendor Activity Report
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