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AccountMate develops strategic alliances with companies that are committed to maintaining a leadership position in their market space and enable AccountMate to offer a wider and more comprehensive strategic business solution to its customers to help them gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace. These partnerships include companies that offer technology based solutions, strategic services, and leading edge, best-of-breed software solutions.

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Become an AccountMate Vertical Solutions Partner

AccountMate's Vertical Solution Partner Programs have been specially designed to give you all the tools you need to deliver your new applications to an ever-expanding marketplace... faster and more effectively. If you have an enhancement or a vertical solution, we would like to work with you on the promotion of your product.

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The AccountMate Vertical Solution Partner (VSP) Program is designed to streamline the integration process with AccountMate systems, and provide you with access to the most qualified buyers of your products - AccountMate Business Partners (Resellers) and their customers. Membership in the VSP Program provides you with the opportunity for worldwide marketing exposure for your integrated products.

AccountMate places great strategic importance on partnering with Vertical Solution Partners. "Vertical solutions are the key to AccountMate's success," says David Dierke, AccountMate President. "It is important that we grow AccountMate solutions in line with the demand of the large customer base we service. We all benefit from integrated and productive solutions that enhance the offering to existing and prospective customers."

Elements of the VSP Program are:

Program Features Included
In-house (Not-for-Resale) AccountMate Modules
Advanced Product Releases
Database Design Guides revealing data and logic flow for your in-house system
VSP Marketing Brochure Templates, Logos and Images
Product listing in online VSP Solutions Center, including occasional "Spotlight" listing
Inclusion in Business Partner Newslines
Product description included in every new Business Partner (Reseller) Welcome Kit
Access to Customer installed base through VSP Hyperlink on every AccountMate CD and Corporate Overview Video
Optional A La Carte Marketing Opportunities, such as Webinars, Direct Mail, E-mail Campaigns, and more...
Access to (for-a-fee) technical workshops, training and additional Development services

Terms and services listed may change depending on market conditions and program developments.

If you would like more information about the AccountMate VSP Program, please e-mail or call 707-774-7500.

Resources for our Vertical Solutions Partners

There are a number of additional resources available just for you in our Vertical Solutions Partner section.

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