AM12 Sample Reports

Accounts Payable

The AccountMate 12 Accounts Payable module includes functions that help you better manage purchase invoice, payments, as well as vendor base and other valuable financial resources. The reports generated from this module are especially designed to make you better informed of your accounts payable transactions.  

Below is a list of all reports available in AccountMate 12 for SQL and Express' Accounts Payable module. Click on the links to get a closer look of these reports.

Invoice Reports

  • AP Invoice Summary Report
  • AP Invoice Detail Report
  • PO Line Items Matched to AP Report
  • AP Prepayment Invoice Report
  • AP Invoice Voucher # Report
  • Finance Charge Report
  • Deleted Invoice Report

Aging Reports

  • Forecast Aging Report
  • Past-Due Aging Report

Discount Reports

  • Suggested Discount Report
  • Discount Taken Report
  • Discount Lost on Paid Invoices Report
  • Discount Lost on Open Invoices Report

Expense Amortization Reports

  • Expense Amortization Schedule Report
  • Amortized Expense Report
  • Expense Amortization Transaction Listing
  • Voided Amortization Expense Report

Cash Requirement Report

Print Computer Check

E-mail AP Check Stub

Re-Print Computer Check

Regenerate ACH File

Check Reports

  • Check Register Report
  • Check Summary Report
  • On-hold Checks Report
  • Check Distribution Report
  • Electronic Payment Report
  • Factor Payment Report
  • Voided Check Report
  • Outstanding Check Report
  • Cancelled Check Report

Credit Card Payment Transaction Report

Payment Reports

  • Unapplied Payment Report
  • Applied Payment Report

1099 Reports

  • 1099 Vendor Listing
  • 1099 Payment Report
  • 1099 Report
  • Print/E-File 1099

Vendor Reports

  • Vendor Listing
  • Vendor Credit Limit and Discount Listing
  • Vendor Contact Listing
  • Vendor Additional Address Listing
  • Vendor Factor Listing
  • Vendor GL Accounts Listing
  • Vendor Ledger Report
  • Vendor Report E-mail History
  • Recurring AP Invoice Report

Sales Tax Reports

  • Sales Tax Entity Listing
  • Sales Tax Code Listing
  • Purchase Tax Amount Report (Canadian Company only)

Pay Code Listing

Bank Account Listing

Multi Currency Reports

  • Currency Code Listing
  • AP Currency Gain/Loss Report
  • AP Check Multi-Currency Report

Activity Reports

  • Activity Type and Rights Listing
  • Vendor Activity Report

GL Transfer Report

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