Course Overview

AccountMate Payroll Module Product Training

for AccountMate Enterprise/Express,
AccountMate for SQL/Express, and AccountMate for LAN

This 5-day online product training course includes in-depth instruction and exercises expounding the features and functionalities of the AccountMate Payroll module. The training course is designed to help attendees learn how to efficiently use the AccountMate Payroll module to meet their Payroll requirements and maximize their productivity by getting the most out of the application. Hands-on exercises are provided to facilitate the learning process.

Target Audience:
This course is a must for new AccountMate Payroll users to ensure the correct setup and effective implementation of the AccountMate Payroll module. This course is also recommended for existing AccountMate Payroll users for them to review their current setup, brush up on the latest features and reports, and learn how to effectively maintain their Payroll system.

Attendees must have a good understanding of their company’s payroll process, policies, and requirements. First time users must view all E-Learning videos for the payroll module in preparation for this class; otherwise, you may be behind on some of the discussion.

Attendees are expected to have installed AccountMate Payroll Module (either the Demo or live copy will do) before attending the training class to participate in the hands-on exercises. We will not spend time to install the software during the training class. Contact your AccountMate Solution Provider if you need help installing the software.

You must have a high-speed internet connection. We strongly recommend using dual screens so one screen shows the presentation, and the other screen shows your AccountMate installation where you can follow along with the discussion. We also recommend using a headset rather than a built-in mic and speakers.

Course Outline:
Visit this page for the detailed course outline.

Course Schedule:
The length of each session varies. Classes start at 8:00 AM Pacific, every day for five (5) days. Classes are conducted online using Online Meeting tools. Visit this page for the detailed Course Schedule.

General Information:
There is a fee for the training. The free training seat included with the Lifecycle Maintenance Plan is for standard Core Product Training only and cannot be applied towards Payroll Module Product Training.

Attendee Testimonial

She (Rose Dasig) did an incredible job and I am so very grateful for the knowledge she shared with us. She is an excellent trainer and managed to gear the training to each of us, regardless of how we process or skill level in using AccountMate.

The training was what I had hoped for in terms of gaining additional knowledge and tips/tricks to improve our efficiency. – AccountMate Payroll User

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