Course Outline

AccountMate Payroll Module Product Training

    I.          Payroll I
                A. Introduction
                        a. AccountMate Product Lines
                        b. Software Requirements
                        c. PR Flow Chart
                B. Set up Payroll
                        a. PR Module Setup
                C. Hands-on Exercises

   II.         Payroll II
A. Set up Master Records
                        a. Department
                        b. Deduction
                        c. Paid Leave Code
                        d. Worker’s Comp
                        e. Earning Code
                        f. Employee
                        g. Bank Account
                        h. Payee
                        i. Piece Work
                B. Hands-on Exercises

    III.      Payroll III
               A. Payroll Process
                    a. Time Card/Piece Work
                    b. Import Time Cards
                    c. Additional/1099 Payment
                    d. Apply Payroll/Payment
                    e. Print Payroll Check
                    f. Process Electronic Payment
                    g. Post Handwritten Check
                    h. Payroll Tax Deposit
                B. Corrections to Payroll Transactions
                    a. Amend Applied Payroll
                    b. Amend Wages Distribution
                    c. Void Check
                    d. Void Tax Deposit Check

    IV.      Payroll IV
               A. Other Payroll Transactions
                    a. Post After-the-Fact Payroll
                    b. Post Employer Matching/Contribution
                    c. Convert/Adjust Unused Paid Leave
                    d. Record Cancelled Check
               B. Reports
                    a. Payroll Process Reports
                    b. Other Reports
                    c. Management Repors
                    d. Quarterly Reports
                    e. Annual Reports
               C. Hands-on Exercises

    V.        Payroll V
                A. Tax Forms
                    a. Federal Reports
                    b. State Reports
                    c. Forms Update
                    d. eFiling
                    e. History
                B. GL Integration
                    a. GL Transfer Report
                    b. Journal Entries Review
                    c. Transfer Data to GL
                    d. Period-end Closing
               C. Closing the Tax Year
                    a. W-2/1099 Year-End Closing
               D. Payroll Tax Subscription
                    a. Information
                    b. Tax Tables
                    c. Installation
                    d. Tax Updates
                    e. Web Resources

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