AM12 Sample Reports

General Ledger

The General Ledger module in AccountMate includes functions that help you define periods for your fiscal year, create and amend GL Account IDs used by your company, post journal entries and set up data transfer from integrated modules to the General Ledger, and allows you to generate financial data and analysis. Thus, reports generated from this module are especially designed to make you better informed of your company’s financial status and other related transactions.

Below is a list of all reports available in the AccountMate 12 for SQL and Express' General Ledger module. Click on the links to get a closer look of these reports.

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Statement of Cash Flows

IFRS Reports

  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Comprehensive Income
  • Statement of Cash Flows

Trial Balance

General Ledger Listing

Journal Entry Reports

  • Unposted Journal Entries Report
  • Posted Journal Entries Report
  • Voided Posted Journal Entries Report
  • Recurring JE Template
  • JE Batch Status Report

Chart of Accounts Reports

  • Account Listing
  • Allocation Account Distribution Setup
  • Posting Account Distribution Setup

Budget Reports

  • Budget Listing
  • Yearly Budget Total
  • Budgeted Balance Sheet
  • Budgeted Income Statement

Ratio Analysis

Cash Receipts & Disbursements


  • Account Balance Change
  • Account Balance Report
  • Account Categories Listing
  • Account Group Listing
  • Account Segment Values Listing

Currency Code Listing

Transaction Search

Transfer Data

Subsidiary Module Transfer Report

Inventory Value Variance Report

GST Return Report (Canadian Company)

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