AccountMate Payroll for Alere Version 12 Reports


The AccountMate Payroll module includes functions that help you process payroll including accrual of paid leave hours; calculation of deductions, worker's compensation liability, and payroll taxes; electronic payments processing; printing of payroll checks, payroll tax returns, W-2 forms, and 1099 forms; and much more. Thus, the reports generated from this module are especially designed to make you better informed of your payroll transactions.

Below is a list of all AccountMate Payroll 12 reports. Click on the links to get a closer look of these reports.

Payroll Entry Reports

  • Time Card Entry Report
  • Piece Work Entry Report
  • Additional/1099 Payment Report

Applied Payroll/Payment Report

Print Payroll Check

Print Check Time Card Addendum

Check Reports

  • Check Register Report
  • Payroll Check Summary Report
  • State and Local Tax Summary Report
  • Electronic Payment Report
  • Tax Deposit Check Report
  • Voided Check Report
  • Outstanding Check Report
  • Cancelled Check Report

Re-print Payroll Check

Regenerate ACH File

Electronic Payment Batch Control Report

Employee Reports

  • Employee Detail Listing
  • Employee Name and Address Listing
  • Employee Salary Listing
  • Employee W-4 Listing
  • Employee Electronic Payment Setup Listing
  • Employee Earning Code Listing
  • Employee Paid Leave Listing
  • Employee Deductions Listing
  • Employee Earnings and Tax Withholdings Listing
  • Employee GL Accounts Listing
  • Employee Personal Data Listing
  • Employee Dependents Listing
  • EEO Report
  • EEO-1 Employment Data
  • EEO-4 Employment Data
  • Salary and Performance Review Schedule

Management Reports

  • Departmental Analysis
  • Work Hours Analysis

Quarterly Reports

  • QTD Tax Withholdings Report
  • State Quarterly Return
  • Local Quarterly Return

Annual Reports

  • YTD Tax Withholdings Report
  • W-2 Report
  • 1099 Report

Department Listing

Earning Code Reports

  • Earning Code Listing
  • Earning Code Transaction Reports

Paid Leave Reports

  • Paid Leave Code Listing
  • Paid Leave Transaction Report

Deduction Reports

  • Deduction Listing
  • Deduction Age Break Listing
  • Deduction Transactions Report
  • Deduction Liability Report
  • Deduction File: State Taxability Report
  • Deduction Matching/Contribution Listing
  • Employer Matching/Contribution Transaction Rpt

Piece Work Listing

Worker's Comp Reports

  • Worker's Comp Code Listing
  • Worker's Comp Group Listing
  • Worker's Comp Transaction Report

Payee Listing

Bank Account Listing

Attribute Listing

GL Transfer Report

Report of Wages

Tax Forms

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