Course Outline

Manufacturing Module Product Training for AccountMate for SQL/Express 
I.      Manufacturing I (Module Setup and Master Records) 
A.      Introduction 
MI Flow Chart 
B.      Set up Manufacturing Module 
MI Module Setup 
C.      Set up Master Records 
a.       Machine 
b.       Labor 
c.       Inventory (Fields and features applicable to MI only) 
d.       Bill of Materials 
D.      Hands-on Exercises
II.    Manufacturing II (Transactions, Reports, and GL Integration) 
A.      Manufacturing Process 
a.       Create Work Order 
b.       Explode Work Order 
c.       Post Work-in-Process 
d.       Post Finished Job 
B.      Record Remnants or Scrap 
a.       BOM Remnants
b.       Record Remnants or Scrap 
c.       Remnant Report and Scrap Report 
C.      Corrections to MI Transactions 
a.       Cancel Backorder 
b.       Void Work-in-Process
c.       Void Finished Job 
D.      Reports 
a.       Special Reports 
        i.               Print Work Order 
       ii.             Print Routing Slip
     iii.           Print Production Slip
b.       Work Order Reports 
c.       Production Reports 
d.       Finished Work Reports 
e.       Other Reports 
        i.               BOM Report 
       ii.             Machine Usage 
      iii.           Labor Usage   
      iv.           Items Requiring Production Report 
E.       GL Integration 
a.       Transfer Data to GL 
b.       Period-end Closing 
c.       Journal Entries Review 
F.       Hands-on Exercises 

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