Course Outline

Core Product Training for AccountMate SQL and Express

I.                    System Manager Part I (System Administrator)

A.      Introduction

a.       AccountMate Product Lines

b.       Software Requirements

c.       SM Flow Chart

B.      Licensing

a.       Activate Module

b.       Install License File

c.       Input Maintenance Key

d.       Install PR Key

C.      Create Company

a.       Company Setup

b.       Install/Reinstall Sample Company

D.      Set up Groups and Users

a.       Group/User Setup

b.       Audit Trail

E.       System Setup

a.       Module Sequence

b.       Menu Display

c.       File Location

d.       Error Report

e.       Miscellaneous

F.       Hands-on Exercises


II.                  System Manager Part II (User Interface)

A.      User Interface

a.       AccountMate Menus

b.       System Toolbar

c.       Shortcut Pane

d.       Hotkeys and Function Keys

e.       Search Features

f.        Report Features

B.      System Overview

a.       AccountMate as a Modular System

b.       Set up Base Modules

c.       Set up Extended Modules

d.       Real Time vs Batch Processing

C.      Hands-on Exercises


III.                General Ledger

A.      Introduction

a.       GL Flow Chart

B.      Set up General Ledger

a.       GL Module Setup

C.      Set up Chart of Accounts

a.       Segment Definition

b.       Account Category

c.       Account Group

d.       Account Segments

e.       COA-GL Account ID

D.      Post Journal Entry Transactions

a.       Create Journal Entries

i.         Manual Creation

-          Standard Journal Entry

-          Reversing Journal Entry

-          Priory Year-end Journal Entry

b.       Import Journal Entry

c.       Generate JEs from Recurring, Existing, and Voided Batches

d.       Post GL Batches

e.       Void GL Batches

E.       Create Budgets

a.       Create Budgets

b.       Budget Reports

F.       Reports

a.       Financial Statement Drill-down Feature

b.       Financial Reports (Balance Sheet and Income Statement)

G.      Close Periods and Fiscal Year  

a.       Period-End Functions

b.       Fiscal Year-End Closing

H.      Hands-on Exercises


IV.                Purchase Order

A.      Introduction

a.       PO Flow Chart

B.      Set up Purchase Order

a.       PO Module Setup 

C.      Set up Master Records

a.       Vendor Maintenance PO features only

b.       Inventory Vendor

c.       Inventory-Related Maintenance Functions

i.                     Inventory Type

ii.                   Inventory

iii.                 Inventory Adjustment

D.      Process Purchase Order

a.       Create Purchase Orders

i.                     Approve Purchase Quote

ii.                   Create PO by Vendor

iii.                 Create PO by Item

iv.                 Create PO by Sales Order

v.                   Create PO by Reorder Quantity

b.       Import Purchase Orders

c.       Release Blanket Purchase Orders

d.       Receive Purchase Order

i.                     With accrual of obligation

ii.                   Without accrual of obligation 

e.       Receive Multiple Purchase Order

f.        Cancel PO Backorder

E.       Record Landed Cost

a.       Allocate Landed Cost

b.       Accrue Landed Cost

c.       Reverse Accrued Landed Cost

F.       PO Period-End Transaction

a.       Period-End Closing

G.      Hands-on Exercises


V.                  Accounts Payable

A.      Introduction

a.       AP Flow Chart

B.      Set up AP Module

a.       AP Module Setup

C.      Set up Master Records

a.       Vendor Maintenance AP features only

b.       Cash-book Related Maintenance Functions

i.         Currency Code

ii.       Bank Account

iii.     Pay Code

D.      Record Vendor Invoice

a.       AP Invoice Transaction

                                                                     i.            With reversal of accrued obligation

                                                                   ii.            Without reversal of accrued obligation

                                                                 iii.            Debit invoice

b.       Deferred Expense Invoice

c.       Import AP Invoice

d.       Recurring AP Invoice

e.       Through Post Handwritten Check

f.        Through Post Credit Card Billing

g.       AP Prepayment Transactions

E.       Authorize Payments

a.       Apply full amount automatically

b.       Manual apply payment

c.       Automatic apply payment

F.       Issue Payments

a.       Apply Prepayment

b.       Print Computer Check

c.       Process Electronic Payment

d.       Post Handwritten Check

e.       Post Credit Card Payment

f.        Post Credit Card Billing

G.      AP Period-End Transactions

a.       Transfer Data to GL

b.       Period-End Closing

H.      Hands-on Exercises


VI.                Inventory Control

A.      Introduction

a.       IC Flow Chart

B.      Set up Inventory Control

a.       IC Module Setup

C.      Set up Master Records

a.       Unit of Measurement

b.       Warehouse

c.       Inventory Type

d.       Inventory

D.      Record IC Transactions

a.       Assign Serial Number

b.       Transfer Inventory

c.       Issue Internal Stock

d.       Physical Count Process

e.       Inventory Adjustment

E.       IC Period-End Transactions

a.       Transfer Data to GL

b.       Period-end Closing

F.       Hands-on Exercises


VII.              AR/SO Master Records

Set up Master Records

a.       Cash-book Related Maintenance Functions

i.         Currency Code

ii.       Bank Account

iii.     Pay Code

b.       Revenue Related Maintenance Functions

i.         Revenue Code

ii.       Salesperson

c.       Inventory Related Maintenance Functions

i.         Inventory Type

ii.       Inventory

iii.     Substitute

d.       Customer Maintenance

e.       Other Maintenance Functions

i.         Sales Tax Entities and Codes

ii.       Freight Code

iii.     Activity Type and Rights

iv.     System Remarks


VIII.            Sales Order

A.      Introduction

a.       SO Flow Chart

B.      Set up Sales Order

a.       SO Module Setup

C.      Process Sales Order

a.       Create Sales Order

i.         Approve Sales Quotes

ii.       Manually Create Sales Orders

iii.     Copy Sales Orders

iv.     Copy from Lost Sales Order File

v.       Import Sales Order

vi.     Generate Recurring Sales Order

vii.    Release Blanket Sales Order

b.       Ship Sales Order

c.       Create Advanced Bill

d.       Cancel Open Orders

D.      SO Period-End Transaction

a.       Period-end Closing

E.       Hands-on Exercises


IX.                Accounts Receivable

A.      Introduction

a.       AR Flow Chart

B.      Set up Accounts Receivable

a.       AR Module Setup

C.      Process AR Invoice

a.       Ship SO Generate Invoice

b.       Approve Advanced Bill

c.       Create Invoice

d.       Generate Invoice from Shipment

e.       Recurring AR Invoice

f.        Import AR Invoice

D.      Process Returns

a.       Sales Return Without Invoice

b.       Sales Return With Invoice

E.       Amortize Revenue

a.       Amortize Revenue

b.       Reports

F.       Apply Payments

a.       Payments

i.         Receipts

ii.       Adjustments, discounts, write-offs

iii.     Open Credit

b.       Finance Charges

G.      Record Bank Deposit

a.       Record Bank Deposit

H.      AR Period-End Transactions

a.       Period-end Closing

I.         Hands-on Exercises


X.                  Bank Reconciliation

A.      Introduction

a.       BR Flow Chart

B.      Set up Bank Reconciliation

a.       BR Module Setup

C.      Set up Master Records

a.       Cash-book Related Maintenance Functions

i.         Currency Code

ii.       Bank Account

b.       Transaction Code

D.      Cash Inflows and Outflows

a.       Cash Inflows

i.         Record Deposit

ii.       Record Other Receipts

b.       Cash Outflows

i.         Record Check

ii.       Record Other Disbursements

c.       Bank Transfer

E.       Import Bank Transactions

a.       Import Bank Transaction Setup

b.       Import Bank Data Converter

c.       Import Bank Transactions

F.       Reconcile Bank Account

a.       Reconcile Bank Account

G.      Generate Positive Pay

a.       Set up Positive Pay

b.       Generate Positive Pay

H.      Project Cash Flow

a.       Project Cash Flow

I.         BR Period-end Transactions

a.       GL Transfer Report

b.       Period-end Closing

J.        Hands-on Exercises


XI.                Solution Providers Only Sessions

A.      Installation

a.       Installation Requirements

b.       SQL Server Installation Tips

c.       Installation Options

d.       Installation Process

e.       Installation Folders

B.      Implementation Flow

a.       Company Setup and Configuration

b.       Chart of Accounts Import

c.       Beginning Balances Import

d.       Subsidiary Ledger Detail Beginning Balances

C.      Beginning Balance Setup

a.       Financial Statement Balances

b.       Inventory Balances

c.       Customer Balances

d.       Vendor Balances

e.       Bank Account Balances

D.      Conversion, Upgrade, and Update

a.       Conversion Matrix

b.       Conversion from Other Accounting Software


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