AM12 Sample Reports

Sales Order – Print Packing Slip

The Print Packing Slip function allows you to print and preview the Packing Slips. A Packing Slip lists the inventory items and their quantities that are included in the shipment. It is shipped together with the customer’s order and is useful for easy identification of shipped inventory items and their quantities.

You can opt to print for an alignment test only; to show the amounts for the backordered line items; and to show the items’ serial numbers, lot numbers and/or kit numbers, if any. There is also an option to suppress the report labels' background color. You can elect to generate this report for active, inactive, or all customers regardless of status. You can select to generate only the unprinted packing slips, only the previously printed packing slips, or all packing slips.

You may also choose in the Export/E-mail Options area the Customer E-mail option. This automatically marks the Individual File checkbox and configures AccountMate to create only one file for each SO Packing Slip and to send a separate e-mail for each SO Packing Slip to the e-mail addresses set up in the customer record. On the other hand, you may manually enter the desired customer e-mail address(es) and have the discretion of either marking or unmarking the Individual File checkbox. Unmarking this checkbox configures AccountMate to create only one file for all the SO Packing Slips that meet the report criteria and to send a single e-mail for all the SO Packing Slips.

You can print a packing slip on a pre-printed form or on an ordinary paper. You can configure these settings in the SO Module Setup -> Printing tab.

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