AM12 Sample Reports

Sales Order – Print Master Pick List

Similar to the Pick List, the Master Pick List serves as a checklist of all inventory items that will be shipped to your customer; however, unlike the Pick List, this document groups the items based on warehouse, bin and pick sequence. It properly identifies the bins for all items with order quantities in multiple sales orders. The Print Master Pick List function allows you to print and preview Master Pick Lists. This document expedites retrieval of inventory items as these are already grouped by bin, which is assigned with pick sequence # in the warehouse.

You can select to exclude from the report the drop ship items and items with zero on-hand quantity. You also have the option to show the line items’ request dates, to display the inventory item descriptions, to display on a separate page each group of information based on the chosen sorting option, and to display the list in double-spaced format. You can elect to generate this document for active, inactive, or all customers regardless of status.

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