AM12 Sample Reports

Sales Order – Print Pick List

Warehouse personnel uses a Pick List as a check list for all inventory items that will be packed and shipped to your customers. The Print Pick List function allows you to print and preview Pick Lists, which are useful for identifying and locating inventory items that will be included in the shipment.

You can select to print only for an alignment test, to exclude in the report drop ship item and items with insufficient stock. You also have the option to show the request dates or the dates when the customers expect to receive their orders, and to suppress the report labels’ background color. You can elect to generate this document for active, inactive, or all customers regardless of status. You can also opt to print only the unprinted pick lists, only the previously printed pick lists or all pick lists.

You can print a pick list on a pre-printed form or on an ordinary paper. You also have an option to display the "REPRINT" watermark on a reprinted Pick List copy. You can configure these settings in the SO Module Setup -> Printing tab.

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