AM12 Sample Reports

Sales Order Freight Reports

The Freight Reports provide detail information on freight codes and freight charges. These reports are useful for reviewing and verifying freight-related data. Each of the Freight Reports is especially designed to provide several options so you can narrow down data to the specific information needed. Read the information below to get a closer look at each of the Freight Reports available in AccountMate.

Freight Code Listing

The Freight Code Listing shows detailed information on the freight codes set up using the Freight Code Maintenance function. It lists all the freight codes and their related information including the freight description, shipment weight limits if the freight charge is calculated by weight, freight charge per weight range, and minimum freight amounts. This report is useful in reviewing the accuracy of the freight code records. This report also serves as a reference when applying freight charges to invoices and when updating the freight charges.

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Freight Charge Report

The Freight Charge Report shows detailed information on system-calculated freight charges applied to sales invoices or sales returns. These freight charges are based on the charge rate or amount defined for each freight code. This report is useful in verifying the correctness of the calculated freight charge for each sales invoice or sales return.

You can select to generate this report for sales invoices only, for sales returns only or for both sales invoices and sales returns.

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