AM12 Sample Reports


The Manufacturing module in AccountMate includes functions that help you create work orders; record work in process and finished jobs; maintain bills of materials records; and monitor the inventory levels of inventory items, labor used, and machine used in each step of the manufacturing process; among other manufacturing related tasks. The reports generated from this module are especially designed to make you better informed of the manufacturing jobs progress and to closely monitor the resource usage, backorders, remnants, and scrap from the work order creation through the posting of finished jobs as well as other manufacturing activities.

Below is a list of all reports available in AccountMate 12 for SQL and Express' Manufacturing module. Click on the links to get a closer look at these reports.

Print Work Order

Print Routing Slip

Print Production Slip

Work Order Reports

  • Work Order Status Report
  • Backorder Report
  • Unexploded Work Order Report
  • Materials Explosion Report
  • Where-Used Report

Production Reports

  • Projected Material Requirement Report
  • Work-In-Process Report
  • Projected Completion Report
  • Scheduled Labor Report
  • Scheduled Machine Report
  • Resource Allocation Report

Finished-Work Reports

  • Finished-Work Report
  • Resources Used Report
  • Machine Application Report
  • Labor Application Report
  • Production Variance Report
  • Remnants Report
  • Scrap Report

Machine Reports

  • Machine Setup and Teardown Listing
  • Machine Usage Report
  • Machine Overhaul Listing

Labor Reports

  • Labor Setup and Teardown Listing
  • Labor Usage Report

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory Item Listing
  • Warehouse Quantity Listing
  • Inventory Cost Listing
  • Inventory Material Analysis Report
  • Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Items Requiring Production Report

Inventory Type Listing

Revenue Code Listing

Bill of Materials Report

System Remark Listing

GL Transfer Report

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