AM12 Sample Reports

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module in AccountMate includes functions that help you manage sales invoices and customer payments, set up revenue amortization schedules and manage revenue realization, set up parameters for applying finance charges to past-due accounts, set up recurring invoice templates and generating invoices from these templates, manage open credit adjustments, and record bank deposits, among other activities involved in the accounts receivable cycle. Thus, reports generated from this module are especially designed to make you better informed of your accounts receivables and other related transactions.  

Below is a list of all reports available in AccountMate 12 for SQL and Express' Accounts Receivable module. Click on the links to get a closer look of these reports.

Print Invoice

Print Packing Slip

Invoice Reports

  • Invoice Summary Report
  • Invoice Line Item Report
  • Profit Margin Report
  • Print UPS C.O.D. Tag
  • Sales Transaction Report by State

Payment Reports

  • Print Payment Receipt
  • Cash Receipts Report
  • Payment Distribution Report
  • Non-Customer Receipt Report

Receivable Reports

  • AR Status Report
  • Aging Report
  • Open Credit Report
  • Finance Charge Report
  • Finance Charge Exception Report
  • Open Credit Adjustment Report
  • Print Customer Statement
  • Print Prepaid Memo

Revenue Amortization Reports

  • Revenue Amortization Schedule Report
  • Realized Revenue Report
  • Revenue Realization Transaction Listing
  • Voided Realized Revenue Report

Customer Reports

  • Customer Listing
  • Customer Credit Limit and Discount Listing
  • Customer Contact Listing
  • Customer Additional Address Listing
  • Customer Inventory Listing
  • Recurring Invoice Report
  • Customer Transactions Summary Listing
  • Customer Transactions Detail Listing
  • Customer Report E-mail History

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory Item Listing
  • Inventory Upsell Item Listing
  • Inventory Substitute Item Listing
  • Warehouse Quantity Listing
  • Inventory Cost Listing
  • Inventory Price Listing
  • Multi-Level Price Listing
  • Multi-Currency Price Listing
  • Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Inventory Transactions Listing
  • Slow-selling Inventory Report

Inventory Type Listing

Revenue Code Listing

Freight Reports

  • Freight Code Listing
  • Freight Charge Report

Salesperson Reports

  • Salesperson Listing
  • Commissionable Sales Report

Sales Tax Reports

  • Sales Tax Entity Listing
  • Sales Tax Code Listing
  • Sales Tax Amount Report

Pay Code Listing

System Remark Listing

Bank Reports

  • Bank Account Listing
  • Bank Deposit Report
  • Electronic Payment Report

Multi Currency Reports

  • Currency Code Listing
  • AR Currency Gain/Loss Report
  • AR Bank Multi-Currency Report

Activity Reports

  • Activity Type and Rights Listing
  • Customer Activity Report

GL Transfer Report

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