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RDI Integration - Online Configurator by RDI Consulting

RDI Integration – Online Configurator allows your customers to buy complex products online – with the ability to rapidly choose the options they need. With RDI Integration – Online Configurator you can give your customer a fast and friendly buying experience; and you can provide a super-compelling sales presentation. RDI Integration – Online Configurator combines with Magento™ technology for maximum robust functionality; and it is tightly integrated with your AccountMate system. Read More

ServQuest, Visual Dispatch, and MiniMate by Prism Visual Software

ServQuest is a comprehensive Route Accounting Software designed to support sales, delivery and service operations. Visual Dispatch is a graphic planning and accountability tool designed for dispatchers and route managers. MiniMate is an Android software solution for pre-order delivery, route sales and equipment service. Read More


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