ACH Distribution Solution by NatPay

ACH Distribution Solutions supports all types of payments ranging from payroll direct deposits to tax payments to expense reimbursements to be processed in AccountMate accurately through NatPay’s secure, online systems. NatPay offers emergency ACH processing and immediate direct deposit solutions. Read More

Acme Billing App by Total Businessware

Use Acme Billing App to easily bill water, sewer, electricity, gas or customer subscriptions. Create invoices in your favorite accounting system. Bill customer loyalty, patronage or other recurring (subscription type) charges. Use different rates for different customers, or for business vs residential. Perfect for small municipalities, residential communities, campgrounds, etc. Read More

Acme Subscription Billing by Total Businessware

Easily produce subscription invoices for groups of customers. Pick your item(s), group your customers and create thousands of invoices in seconds!Bill any type of recurring charge. Lot rental, home association, club membership, frequent shopper, etc. Read More

AvidPay by AvidXchange

AvidPay enables companies to pay vendors electronically while maintaining all of their banking relationships and their current approval workflows. AvidPay’s PayControl feature creates flexibility for things such as step level approvals and multiple approvers. Companies have 24/7 visibility into payments status and approvals. Read More

Diversified Billing by Diversified Technology

Diversified Billing is highly evolved software designed to streamline every aspect a utility company’s office operation. It has been developed over 30 years and is currently used to generate some 7 million bills annually! It is designed to be flexible and adjust to each client’s unique requirements. Clients can access its cloud version from any internet connected device with a monthly subscription. Or they can use their LAN with a traditional perpetual license. Read More

Doculivery Online Document Management by NatPay

Doculivery, NatPay's online document management service, is an innovative, high-tech, high-touch alternative to outdated legacy storage and retrieval systems. Doculivery incorporates a unique set of adaptable modular components that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Doculivery consolidates data into a unique web-based tool accessible from any Internet-ready location. Read More

Online Billing / Click-To-Pay by NatPay

Online Billing / Click-To-Pay pays bills electronically with features that are convenient and have substantial cost savings potential. It offers multiple payment options, enabling customers and vendors to pay bills with a few quick clicks. Payments are conveniently recorded with simple reconciliation in mind. The elimination of paper statements and check payments also reduces the number of clerical errors. Read More


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