This powerful functionality is especially useful to managers or executives that do not necessarily enter the transactions or data but who are interested in an overview of totals and reports. When a total needs further explanation the authorized user can drill down and see those entries making up the total. They can do this review and investigation at any time throughout the day or night without needing anyone to guide them through the supporting transactions.

There are three levels of drill-down information:

  1. Financial Report Level - Drill down on the amounts shown in the Income Statement and/or Balance Sheet to the General Ledger Listing, which displays the composition of these balances.
  2. Journal Entry Report Level - Drill down on the entries shown in the General Ledger Listing to display the journal entries from a particular source batch.
  3. Transaction Level - Drill down on a specific line item or report totals throughout the system to show details about the accounts or the source of the transactions.

Examples of drill down in many of the AccountMate Modules are:

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Needs Accounting
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My Client
Needs Accounting
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