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There is an alternative at AccountMate.
We take Partnership very seriously. We provide:
  • Higher discounts based on your product and maintenance sales
  • Free product training and pre-sales advice from our experienced staff
  • Customizable source code so you can offer tailored solutions to your clients
  • Professional Services ready to serve as your subcontractor to modify your
    clients' systems
  • Incentive Programs offering a wide range of choice gifts to top producers such
    as Las Vegas getaways, widescreen plasma tvs and more
Simply call or email Bill Bailey, AccountMate’s Director of Sales, and he will
send you our free Business Partner Evaluation Kit complete with
our corporate literature and interactive demos.

Why wait to move to a more dealer-friendly partnership? Contact AccountMate today.

For your free kit, please contact Bill Bailey at:

1-800-877-8896 or BillB@accountmate.com

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