AccountMate Business Intelligence provides
you dynamic insight on your business by providing real-time analysis and reporting capabilities.

AccountMate Business Intelligence enables you to visually analyze your business data, track
key performance indicators and distribute information throughout your organization,
while providing an optimized platform for management and operational reporting.

Immediately available upon installation, AccountMate Business Intelligence provides access to your business data through a number of predefined reports, objects, key performance indicators and queries.

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AccountMate 7 for SQL,
Express or LAN
Business Intelligence

Get the information you need exactly how you want it with ClickBase for AccountMate Business Intelligence. Integrate from multiple sources and multiple formats, blending information from across the organization. Manage with the easy to use interface. Analyze with slice and dice capabilities that allow you to view data and reports that matter to your department, division or region. Present through reports, charts, graphs or dashboards in the manner in which it works best for your organization. Works via the configurable web Internet Portal and the Windows client.

ClickBase for AccountMate Business Intelligence module allows for rapid implementation of reports from a single or multiple database sources. This same information can be captured and displayed in a number of compelling views. Then whenever there is a need to find the source of this information, there is a dynamic report drill down capability.

The ClickBase for AccountMate Business Intelligence module provides dozens of the most commonly requested reports for Sales, Customer, Item, Vendor, Product Line and Salesperson Analysis to meet the information needs of well-managed companies. Along with the prepackaged reports, it offers an optimized reporting platform for building custom reports and eliminates the programming commonly associated with custom reporting.

View multiple report screens simultaneously

ClickBase for AccountMate key performance indicators include:
  • Month to month sales comparison

  • Products purchased by customer in a period

  • Top selling products by product line in a period

  • Top salesperson in the current calendar year

  • Customer Sales, Cost and Margin Year to Date versus Prior Year to Date

  • Current inventory levels, orders pending and sales trends
Dashboards put the most important information at your fingertips and on your desktop. With “at a glance reporting” and powerful drill down functionality, ClickBase for AccountMate allows you to examine the details.

Increase Agility With A Virtual Data Warehouse

ClickBase for AccountMate for Business Intelligence provides a Virtual Warehouse providing real-time access to large volumes of data. You no longer have to build an expensive data warehouse to leverage powerful business intelligence to improve your business.

Connect Across the Organization and Multiple Databases

With ClickBase for AccountMate Business Intelligence, you are provided with seamless integration tools. You can retrieve information from any ODBC compliant database, combine information across multiple databases and present it to meet you unique needs.

Empower Users

Bringing new meaning to the term “ease of use”, ClickBase for AccountMate Business Intelligence allows your employees to point, click, drag and drop to generate meaningful charts and graphs. With minimal training, your team will be creating reports that give you valuable insight into your organization’s transactions and results.

Power Search

More than just for financial analysis, with ClickBase for AccountMate Business Intelligence you can expand to analyze a rich variety of information tapped from multiple applications to build reports, charts and dashboards that will drive better business decisions. Now you are able to manage, search and relate heterogeneous data from things like Microsoft Word documents, customer service incident reports and email.
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